Township Trustees

Ohio Revised Code 505 establises the duties and responsiblities of township Board of Trustees in the state of Ohio.

The Board of Trustees consists of three members who are elected during general elections in off-numbered years for terms of four years commencing on the first day in January after their election. Two trustees are elected during general elections the year after presidential elections and one trustee is elected in the year following a state gubernatorial election.

As the executive officers of Jackson Township, they are responsible for funds appropriation, taxing and purchasing for Township needs and they hold title to the physical property of the township. The Board of Trustees also are enpowered with discretionary, judicial and executive functions. They are permitted by state law to adopt regulations for fire and police protection and other regulations as may be deemed necessary for the welfare of the Township. The Board of Trustees also settle line fence disputes among township residents and adopt zoning amendments from recommendations made by the Township Zoning Commission. Trustees may enter into contracts and hire personnel as needed in the performance of their duties to the well being of the Township.   Our Board of Trustees consist of Bill Wiederhold, Chair; Joe Speeg, Vice-Chair; and Hal Herron.

Regularly scheduled Trustee meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the Jackson Township Community Center located at 3263 U.S. Route 50, Williamsburg, Ohio.  These meeting are open to the Public. However, the second meeting of each month is a "Trustee Working Session." Residents are welcome to attend but if an attendee wishes to speak at this meeting he or she must call the Township Clerk and ask to be placed on the agenda.


Trustees Volunteer Fire Department Vision Statement

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department Board of Township Trustees shall support a well-trained, cohesive group of Firefighters in order to ensure the prevention and control of emergency and non-emergency incidents.  Ensure the safety of all fire department personnel and the local citizens. Further, it is our belief that the faithful observance of duty requires that volunteer personnel fulfill their obligations professionally and honestly through willful commitment and excellence of character.

Joe Speeg, Trustee

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Mr. Joe Speeg was elected to the Jackson Township Board of Trustees in 2005. He has been a resident of Jackson Township since 1958 with the exception of one year while living in WIlliamsburg.

Mr. Speeg graduated from WIlliamsburg High School in 1971, started his career with Senco Products and spent 37 years in the manufacturing  field eventually becoming a manager of operations in the United States and Asia.. He studied in the Tool & Die field and advanced to Master Tool & Die Maker in 1977.  Mr. Speeg advanced through several levels of supervision & assumed responsibility as manager of Cincinnati Tool Manufacturing from 1988-1991; manager of Senco General Tools, Cincinnati Tool Manufacturing and Taiwan Services from 1991 through 2005; and General Manager Senco Tool (Suzhou, China) from 2005 - 2008. He currently manages Premier Real Estate Solutions, LLC and the Tritek Group, LLC..

Mr. Speeg has always been an active member of the community and has served as an EMT, a Firefighter, as a Board of Zoning Appeals member, the Jackson Township Zoning Administrator, President of the Clermont County Fair Board, and as a member of the Clermont County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Trustees. He was a 1990 award winner of Senco Presidents Sentinel of Quality, Pillars of Excellence award and an award winner of "Clermont Salute to Leaders" in 1997.

Joe and his wife, Charlene, have two children: Trevor Speeg and Janelle Speeg Craft and four grandchildren: Hailey, Madison, Braylon, and Crosby. 

Harold Herron, Trustee


Bill Wiederhold, Trustee