Jackson Township News

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Jackson Township 2010 Census synopsis:

First the big picture:  the population of the United States is now well over over 311,500,000.  Of that population, 2,980 people make Jackson Township their home.  178 of us are under 5 years of age and 34 citizens are over 85. The age group with the highest number of people is the 50 to 54 year olds at 277 followed closely by the 45 to 49 group at 272. The median age for all residents in the township is 41.6 years.

The township male population is 1, 528 with a median age of 40.9; female population is 1,452 and their median age is 42.1 years.

The township’s ethnic breakdown is as follows: Caucasians are the majority of the population at 2,921. Hispanic is next at 23 followed by African-American, 21;  Native American, 5; and Asian at 3.  There are 24 people claiming “mixed race” and 5 people claiming “some other race.”

We have a total of 1,059 households of which 864 are family households. 299 of those households have children under 18 years of age.  The average household size is 2.79 occupants and the average family household size is 3.04.

Within the township there are a total of 1,123 housing units of which 1,059 are occupied.  Of those housing units, 15 are used for seasonal, recreational or occasional uses. Of the 1, 059 occupied units, 920 are owner-occupied and 139 are renter-occupied with a total rental population of 414.
The township occupies 31.152 square miles of the planet Earth’s 57,500,000 square miles of land mass.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES   The Board of Trustees meet twice a month on the first and third Monday at 7:00 P.M. The first meeting is a regular Township Business meeting and all in attendance who wish to speak will be invited to do so in open session.  The second meeting of each month is a "Trustee Working Session." Residents are welcome to attend, however if an attendee wishes to speak at this meeting he or she should the contact township administration at 513-625-1800 and ask to be placed on the agenda.