Township Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Effective February 1st, 2014: Grave footstone markers are no longer permitted.  Only headstone markers shall be permitted. Prior to placement of headstones or markers, please contact one of the Township Trustees. 

Jackson Township cemeteries shall be used exclusively for the burials of human beings and their remains.

The Jackson Township Board of  Trustees reserves, and shall have, the right to correct any errors that may be made by it either in making interments, disinterment’s or removals, or in the transfer or conveyance and substituting in lieu thereof other interment rights of equal value and similar location as far as possible.

The Jackson Township Board of Trustees may, and at any time, with or without notice to owners, adopt new rules and regulations, or amend, alter or repeal any rule, regulation, article, section, paragraph or sentence in these rules and regulations.

Transfer of Deed:
The sale or transfer of any interment right by any owner or purchaser shall not be binding upon the Jackson Township Board of Trustees, unless the same shall first be duly approved in writing by the Board of Trustees, and then such interment right can be issued to the new owner. This procedure is required in order that the Board of Trustees may at all times have a complete and accurate record of all owners and purchasers.

When a removal is to be made from a single grave to another grave, the formerly occupied single grave space and all rights therein revert to the Jackson Township Board of Trustees.

THE JACKSON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLES LEFT. In no case shall the Township or any officer or employee thereof be responsible for articles which may be left in any cemetery or on any lot or grave. In all cases the right is given to the Board of Trustees to remove from any lot or grave any article which is unsightly or otherwise objectionable.

A burial permit from the local registrar or sub-register of vital statistics is required. All permits and burials signed by the proper authorities is required before interments can be made. (ORC 3705.17). 

Burial of two or more persons in one grave space is not permitted. Exceptions: When the burial is happening on the same day, mother and infant or infants, infant twins, and an infant along with a relative who has acted as the child's guardian. Infant, for the purpose of this rule, is considered a child up to three (3) years of age.

For cremations in a traditional in-ground grave: no more than one casket and one cremation urn or two cremation urns may be entombed in a single grave. In no case may more than one raised, traditional headstone located at the head of the gravesite be permitted per grave. A second marker may be placed in the same gravesite either in the center of the gravesite or at the foot of the grave-site but it must be of a type of a marker that is flush to the ground.

Operating Hours:
Each cemetery is open to the public for visitation from sunrise until sunset daily

Flowers and Flower Containers:

Fresh cut flowers may be placed on the graves at any time. Floral displays will be removed when they become faded and unsightly or as necessary to cemetery operations. The township assumes no responsibility to the owners for their return. 

Potted Plants:
Potted plants are only permitted on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Memorial Day.  They will remain on the graves until the next mowing cycle.  Plants will not be held in storage, nor will the township be held responsible. We, therefore, ask the families to pick them up if they want to keep them.

Unauthorized Decorations:
Breakable items of any kind. Planting of trees, shrubs or rosebushes on or near graves is not permitted. Crushed stone or wood chips are not permitted. No planting full length of graves is allowed. Unauthorized items will be removed and disposed of by township personnel. If in doubt an item is authorized, contact one of the Township Trustees 

Removal of Decorations:
The cemeteries will be thoroughly cleaned of all items for the mowing cycle prior to Mother's Day and before the last mowing cycle (approximately November 1st) of each year.  Township personnel will remove and discard flowers, wreathes, emblems, and baskets which have become withered, faded or unsightly.  All artificial flowers or items removed from graves will be disposed of immediately. We thank you for your cooperation in helping us enhance the perpetuity and beauty of the cemetery.

Settled Graves:
Township personnel may fill settled graves when needed.


We ask the cooperation of every family to help enhance the perpetuity and beauty of the cemetery.  Thank you for caring.