Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department
                                                      Vision Statement

The mission of the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department shall be the protection, preservation and well-being of the health, safety and property of all persons residing, working or otherwise within the Township of Jackson.  We shall accomplish this mission not only through the fire suppression but also fire prevention and education.  We shall maintain a high standard of training and education, act and perform in a safe, courteous and professional manner, strive to create a strong bond with the community and interact professionally with other township/area departments.  As members of this department, we have chosen to part of a team that takes pride in representing this mission through dedication and integrity.

                                        Beliefs, Values and Expectations

  • We believe the only way we can truly succeed is through our people.  People are the key to success for our fire department.
  • We believe in providing emergency services using volunteer firefighters to the highest extent and degree possible.
  • We believe in constant respect of fellow firefighters and citizens.
  • We believe we can prevent or minimize the loss of life, injury and property damage through prevention education, effective training and sound firefighting practices.
  • We believe a good fire department strives to meet the needs of its customers.
  • We value members who approach the job with dignity, integrity and pride in their work and accept each member for his or her strengths and weaknesses.
  • We value relationships with the private sectors and public partners.
  • We expect the highest levels of commitment and dedication.
  • We expect all members to represent the organization at all times in a positive and professional manner and to adhere to the policies and procedures of the department.