Service to the Township Residents

The Jackson Township Maintenance Department is supervised by Terry Sheangshang.  Along with general maintenance duties related to the township infrastructures, Terry is responsible for the care of 21 miles of township roadways. Terry can be reached by calling 513-625-0768.  


Ashton (only the part that is in Jackson Township)                            Bigham  
Caudill East                                                                                         Caudill West
Caudill West                                                                                        Clemons
Fomorin Township                                                                               Hawley
Hutchinson                                                                                          Ingle
Ireton                                                                                                   Jester
Locust                                                                                                 Malsberry
Monterey Maple Grove                                                                       Moore Marathon
Pennington (first 0.45 mile)                                                                 Predmore
Quitter                                                                                                 Richey
Shelton                                                                                                Smokey
Steward Harbaurgh (first 0.02 mile)                                                   Marathon Allys
North St (Marathon)                                                                           Taylor

DEAD ANIMAL IN THE ROADWAY REMOVAL - If you live on a township road and need the township to remove a dead animal from the roadway or the right-of-way, please contact the maintenance department as soon as possible.  Depending on the time of year, there comes a point where an animal carcass cannot be moved and must be limed over in place.  The sooner we are notified, the more likely we can safely remove the carcass. Call Terry at 513-679-1097 or Carlos at 513-678-3312.