How to Obtain a Free Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Safe Lives  

As part of fire safety, any resident of Jackson Township can receive a free smoke detector. This can be obtained at the fire station after filing out the necessary paperwork. Please call 513-625-1333 to make an appointment to pick one up.  We are located at 3261 U.S. 50 Williamsburg, Ohio 45176 (east of State Route 133 and west of Aber Road).

Smoke Detector Safety / Maintenance                

Safety – Everyone living in your residence needs to hear and know what to do when they sound. You should have an escape plan and meeting place to report to when a smoke alarm activates. This should be practiced a few times a year. We also suggest that you replace all smoke dectector batteries on one of the annual time changes. 

Maintenance - Please remember change the batteries in your current / all smoke detectors twice a year (recommended to do at the same time you reset your clocks in the spring and fall).