Founding Members

Over the years the department's membership has significantly increased fom the original 14 members listed below. The fire department is currently at 27 members ( see list under the roster tab). We have had several outstanding members belong to the Jackson Township Fire/Rescue. Some have started out as volunteers and retired as volunteers. But on the other hand, our department has had several volunteer firefighters advance to part-time, full-time, EMT, and even paramedics as career chooses. The township officials would like to thank the founders, current,  and past members of the Jackson Township Fire/Rescue for the years of service that they have provided to our community.

Jackson Township Fire Department Founders: 

Christie, WIlliam A.                    Lung, Christopher W.

Cox, George R.                          Luschek, Larry M.

Fetter, Dwight W.                      Mannuing, GroverT.

Fetter, Mike                              Slater, Tom L.

Gacek, Mike S.                         Wolfer, Anthoney T.

Gacek, Tom A.                          Wolfer, Donald R..

Hoffman, Robert W.