Jackson Township Budget For Fiscal Year 2018

I know many of you will remember the old adage, “Time seems to go quickly when one is having fun.” Personally, I know that is not always the case, but I do know as the township’s fiscal officer, it is once again the time to report to our residents how our township is operating financially. One of those means is a required Budget for the township. As have been noted in past columns, a Budget is a combination of three financial terms: estimated revenues, estimated expenditures and end –of-year fund balances. One can easily see and think and maybe consider the budget all guess work when all three accounts are estimates.
However, it is an Ohio Revised Code requirement that a Budget be prepared, have a public hearing, approval by the Board of Trustees, and submitted to the county auditor no later  than July 15th of each year. That  requirement has been completed.

The more important financial figures that the township works with are the “Appropriations” which are the actual amount of monies that the township trustees and fiscal officer authorizes by a resolution to spend on or in a certain way or fund such as salaries, benefits, operating supplies, fire and EMS contracts, etc. Appropriations are developed and approved usually on the first meeting in January because No Money can be spent until the Board of Trustees, by resolution, approves all expenditures.
The Jackson Township Board of Trustees financial status is very good and the only debt is the Firehouse addition loan which the township borrowed $150,000 from Park National Bank at a rate of 2.71%. The township has made one payment in June 2017, and another one is due December 1, 2017. Each payment is $10,724 plus interest.
Hopefully, this brief financial report will give our township residents a glimpse of the financial operation.
ACCOUNTS       2018 Estimated Balance        2018 Estimated        2018 Estimated           2018 Estimated 
                            as of 01/01/2018                        Revenues              Expenditures           End of Year Balance

GENERAL                  $313,563                             $173,800                  $186,600                  $302,763

Motor Vehicle License $16,860                              $8510                       $8000                       $17,370

Gasoline                     $39,245                               $90,0000                  $99,000                    $30,245

Road & Bridge           $46,587                                $65,100                    $84,000                    $27,687

Cemetery                   $25,096                                $2500                       $7500                       $20,096

Fire                            $410,074                              $271,000                  $293,000                  $388,074

Zoning                       $4319                                   $2000                        $0                            $6319

MVL Permissive        $93,954                                $32,100                    $50,000                    $76,054

TOTAL FUNDS         $949,699                              $674,010                  $728,100                  $868,609 

A brief description of what each fund is and how the monies are received and spent, is as follows:
 General—monies that are received from property taxes, local government funds, liquor licenses, rollback taxes, estate taxes, etc.  The General Fund spends monies on salaries, insurance, health fees, Worker Compensation, election expenses, utilities, auditor fees, and several miscellaneous accounts.

Motor Vehicle License (MVL) - monies received from motor vehicle licenses. Monies are spent for road and culvert work, labor, materials, tools, equipment, etc.
Gasoline—monies received from the taxes received on the gasoline that we all pay when we buy gasoline. Monies are spent for salaries, tools, equipment, repairs on equipment, maintenance supplies, road and culvert work and road contracts for paving.
Road and Bridge (R&B) - monies received from local property taxes—monies are spent for maintenance workers wages, maintenance on equipment, and materials for road paving and repairs.
Cemetery—monies received from the sale of cemetery lots. Monies are spent for mowing, equipment, tools and cemetery supplies such as grave markers, cornerstones, etc.
Fire—monies received from local property taxes, grants, gifts, and rollback taxes.  Monies are spent for life squad runs, fire equipment, fire runs, salaries, workers compensation, insurance, supplies, utilities, etc.
Zoning—monies received from zoning permit fees. Monies are spent on salaries for the Zoning Administrator, zoning board members, zoning supplies and miscellaneous items.
Permissive Motor Vehicle License (MVL-P) - monies collected from the additional fees ($5.00 per license) on license plates from anyone living in Jackson Township. Monies are used to purchase equipment, salaries, materials and road repairs, etc.
Harold L. Herron,Fiscal Officer                                                                                                                                                                   4967 Maple Grove Road                                                                                                                                                                          Batavia, Ohio 45103