Ohio Line Fence Law

Ohio's Line Fence Laws have changed as of June, 2008.  Some important highlights of the new laws are:

In the case of existing fences, property owners on each side of the property line share the cost of upkeep in an equitable manner. Not necessarily in an equal manner. If a dispute takes place as to what is equitable, the township trustees (and in some cases, the courts) are tasked with assigned what is equitable by using ORC 971 as a guide.

If a property owner decides, for whatever reason, to build a new fence, they are entirely responsible for all costs. The costs to build the fence should be filed as an affidavit with the county recorder. If a neighbor takes advantage of the new fence by placing livestock against the fence within the next 30 years, they are then responsible for a portion of the cost of the fence.

Landowners are permitted a 10-foot "right-of-way" onto the neighboring land to build or maintain a new fence when the adjoining  property owner does not share in the cost.

Neighbors can make a written agreement as to who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for the fence. This agreement should be filed with the county recorder's office.

Owners of a line fence who plan to remove it must give 28 days notice to the neighboring property owner or forfeit any possible reimbursements for costs incurred.

Jackson Township does not currently require permits for fencing projects.  It is up to the residents to know and obey the line fence laws as defined by the State of Ohio (click the link below).  DO NOT erect fences in the right-of-ways. If you do not know where the right-of-way is for your roadway please contact the zoning office at 513-625-1800 to obtain that information before you erect your line fence. Always contact the underground protection services (Call Before You Dig) at 811 or, in Ohio you may also call 1-800-362-2764. A 48 to 72 hour service window is required.

Click here to go to ORC 971 for the current Line Fence Laws