Fire Blast Burn Trailer and Car Fire Simulator

Jackson Township Fire and Rescue is one of six fire departments that partnered up to purchase a fire training simulator to be used by fire fighters to train for situations encountered when fighting various types of fires.

Jackson, Wayne, Stonelick and Goshen Townships in Clermont County; Fayetteville Fire Department in Brown COunty; and Harlan Township in Warren County successfully applied for and was granted a FEMA grant in the amount of $400,000 to obtain this important training tool.  Each of the fire departments involved in the application contributed an equal share of $6,000 toward the requirements of the grant.  

In the past we have used old homes and donated cars for training use.  The trailer gives us the same training experience but in a safer,  more controlled environment.  The Burn Trailer gives the ability to train for live burns, forcible entry, ventilation, search/rescue, and practice rescue from windows on first and second floors.